About Newnan Flight Training

Newnan Flight Training is based out of the Newnan-Coweta Airport (KCCO) about 30 minutes South of Atlanta. We provide instruction catered to your goals with a relaxed local setting. Whether you are an aspiring Private Pilot or want to start your Aviation Career, we can help. Our clients are of all ages, backgrounds, and experience. We can provide Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Tailwheel, and Aerobatic instruction through our experienced local instructors.

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Take a Discovery Flight

Join us for a discovery flight for only $129 to see what flying a plane is all about.

Our Aircraft

Find out more about our fleet of aircraft including Diamond DA-20’s, a Piper Cherokee, Pitts Special and more.

Flight Training

We offer a full range of training options to help you achieve your goals.

Private Pilot

A private pilot license is where most pilots begin their training, and this will allow you to fly many single engine planes day or night under visual flight rules (VFR) with passengers.  

Instrument Rating

An Instrument Rating is an add-on to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate that allows you to fly in IFR conditions (which can include flying in or through clouds, low visibility, etc).

Commercial Pilot 

If you are looking to begin a career as a pilot, a Commercial Certificate will be your next step towards this goal. Learn more about what is required to fly for airlines, corporate aviation jobs and more.

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